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Black on Black Instant Shine Interior & Exterior Spray Dressing



a special cleaning, reviving and impregnating aerosol dressing for plastics, rubber and vinyl in interiors and exteriors of cars, motorbikes, planes and boats. It also immediately renovates hard-to-reach areas in engine compartments and leaves high shine. 

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Black on Black Spray - Dressing is the fastest and the most efficient aerosol cleaner designed to instantly revive black interior and exterior plastics, rubber and vinyls. Thanks to its unique atomization process, the product penetrates even the smallest and hardest-to-reach places and instantly cleans, renovates and restores shine of surfaces, while delivering long-lasting impregnation. It also dries quickly.  The product is very suitable for renovation of plastics and rubber components in engine compartments, as well as all other hard-to-reach places, such as air vents, grilles, masks and hard-to-reach engine parts of motorbikes.  This quick reviver of surfaces delivers perfect finish with minimal strain and amazing black deep effect. The product contains UV light absorbers which protect the surface against untimely ageing caused by UV and IR radiation.



Spray small amount of the product evenly onto the treated surface. Wipe dry using the Microfiber towel MIC_102_01. For even bigger shine and protection repeat the process.  The product provides the surface with dark natural velvet shine, treated surfaces literally shine and look as new. This easy application can be done in high or low temperatures, even in direct sunlight.


WARNING: Before you use the product you need to clean heavily polluted parts of the body perfectly with CG All Purpose Cleaner CLD_1010_16, CG Extreme Orange Degreaser CLD_106_16 or CG Nonsense SPI_993_16 using the Microfiber towel MIC_102_01.



  • it keeps the original colour and condition of plastics, rubber, and vinyls
  • it prevents untimely ageing caused by UV and IR radiation
  • an easy application and buffing off, the product delivers radiant shine
  • spray residue is easily removed from glass and paint just by polishing off
  • it delivers dark velvet shine and leaves treated surfaces as new
  • it is antistatic and repels dust and dirt
  • it can be applied in both high and low temperatures, even in direct sunlight
  • after application the surface of materials is evenly coloured without stains or smudges


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