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Četka za pranje felni idealna za teško dostupna mesta, odlično odklanja prljavštinu iz uskih i zavučenih delova.


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The Gerbil Wheel Brush is the best wheel brush ever.

The Gerbil Wheel Brush is great for hard to reach tight places with a gentle touch.

The Gerbil Wheel Brush - great to stick in tight spaces with the gentle touch.......................... of a Gerbil.

Chemical Guys

The Gerbil Brush is sure to bring a smile to your face with its unique gerbil-like design and soft finish. It's enough to make any “Pro” smile. The Gerbil Wheel Brush is all-wheel friendly making it safe to use on all surfaces while being the most absorbent brush in it's class! The specially treated sheepskin construction holds over 8 ounces of soapy water or degreaser; excellent for keeping the surface well lubricated. As any professional will tell you, when it comes to getting into tight places there’s nothing like the right lubrication to reduce friction and improve results.

The Wheel Gerbil is soft thick-haired 100% sheepskin - the same sheepskin collectors recommend for the finest of automobile paints which is now engineered for the superior design and fine finish of wheels. With the prices of wheels going up by the day, protecting your investment involves cleaning with the right tools and the right degreasers but most importantly removing dirt in tough places with a gentle brush that will clean fast without ever harming any wheel surface.

The Wheel Gerbil is a perfect tool for wheel finishes ranging from alloy, chrome, anodized, and polished all the way to wrapped and plated wheels. To start, loosen dirt and debris with a premium cleaner like Chemical Guys Wheel and Rim Cleaner or Sticky Wheel Gel. Allow a few minutes for the product to break down the contaminants and start working the wheel with The Gerbil. Its small cone shaped head reaches deep into tight holes and cracks for superior cleaning “with a gentle touch”. Lastly, rinse wheel for a perfect scratch free finish.

Chemical Guys

The ergonomic design of the gerbil makes it easy to use and fit anywhere, while the easy-grip design minimizes wrist effort and motion. The durable sheepskin finish is pre-treated for long lasting durability while the multi-pore memory foam sponge core is engineered to retain soap and degreasers which eliminates bacterial and residue left inside. After all, nobody likes a stinky gerbil! The Soft Grip - GRIP TECH™ handle offers durable easy gripping with a soft resistant textured rubber covering. The Gerbil Wheel Brush - great to stick in tight spaces with the gentle touch.......................... of a Gerbil.

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