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Black light - Hybrid radiant super finish

Black Light je novi 100% sintetički vosak nove generacije. Daje visoki sjaj, glatkoću, i odličan završni izgled. Veoma je antistatičan, smanjuje količinu prljavštine koja se lepi za auto.


3 600,00 RSD Tax excluded

  • 473 ml
  • 118 ml

Black Light is a unique 100% synthetic wax of a new generation which contains high volume of gloss enhancers and is capable of masking (filling in) microscopic imperfections of your paint that reduce final shine and optical cleanness after treatment. This hybrid nanotechnology delivers high wet-looking shine with long-lasting antistatic protection which perfectly prevents dust and dirt from clinging to surface. The product can be used as a final polish or foundation for another layer of wax. It is highly compatible with final carnauba waxes, such as XXX Hardcore Paste Wax, Petes 53, E – Zyme and others. For shine maximalization and follow-up maintenance the Hybrid V7 spray is highly suitable. The second layer, the wax, should not be applied until 30 minutes after BL application.


  • an extremely easy and quick application, as well as polishing off
  • it can be used as a final polish or a foundation for another layer of finishing wax
  • after application and polishing off it creates a perfect wet-shine effect on the surface                
  • it never contaminates plastic or rubber parts of the bodywork                                                                                 
  • it can be applied even in direct sunlight                                                                                        
  • it contains very effective UV and IR radiation filters                                                                                       
  • suitable for all paints and their colour shades
  • the product is manufactured on a nanotech scale which bonds the molecules to your paint and creates perfect conditions for another layer of other finishing wax                                  



  • shake the product thoroughly before application
  • the product is applied in a thin coat by machine or hand using a foam applicator UFO
  • apply a thin coat of the product on perfectly clean paint using a Microfiber towel or one of CG applicators
  • on horizontal surfaces (bonnet, roof and boot lid) apply the product with a backward-and-forward motion. On vertical surfaces apply the product with a side-to-side motion.                                                                                                                         
  • apply the product separately on each part of your bodywork.
  • after the application let the product dry for 15 minutes and polish it off with a Microfiber towel
  • if you use Black Light as a finishing treatment, use bigger pressure during the application.
  • if you put another coat of wax on the product, use minimal pressure during the application.

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