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Microfiber Wheel Wedge & Rim Detailer



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How it Works
The Microfiber Wheel Wedge & Rim Detailer is a great cleaning tool for wheels and rims. The wedge shape allows it to fit into the smallest corners and tightest curves of wheels for maximum detailing capabilities. The Microfiber Wheel Wedge is construction from microfiber for the softest cleaning experience on any type of wheel or rim. The plush microfiber ensures that this cleaning wedge will never scratch your wheels. Microfiber is a revolutionary detailing material that contains 99,000 fibers per square inch for safe and gentle cleaning. The Microfiber Wheel Wedge & Rim Detailer is perfect for cleaning chrome, polished aluminum, powder coated and painted clear coat wheels. The Microfiber Wheel Wedge has grip pockets on either side so you can easily slip your hand inside for precise control of your cleaning. The tip of the wedge works great to reach into lug nug holes and other small, hard to reach places.

Avoid Dirty Wheels
Dirty wheels can really bring down the appearance of any vehicle. Wheels are often the first part of a vehicle many people notice first. Neglecting your wheels can lead to corrosive brake dust damage that is often permanent. The Microfiber Wheel Wedge & Rim Detailer is the perfect detailing tool to keep your wheels looking amazing. The microfiber construction is perfect for cleaning sensitive custom wheels.

Double Sided Cleaning
The Microfiber Wheel Wedge & Rim Detailer is double sided for endless wheel cleaning possibilities. The scrubbing side helps remove baked-on brake dust, grime and fifth that is difficult to remove. The soft, plush microfiber side is great for cleaning sensitive wheels like chrome and painted clear coat. This powerful wedge even gets into tight corners and lug nut holes. The wedge design comes to a pointed tip so you can even apply wax or sealant to your rims. The microfiber foam core is super absorbent to hold extra water and shampoo for extreme cleaning power. The wheel wedge also features silk banded edges to ensure it will never scratch your wheels.

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