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W/ Weather - Tek Protectant– a product for rejuvenation and impregnation of plastics, rubber and vinyls with long-lasting durability and dark satin shine. It is antistatic, repels dust and water and prevents the surface from fading and aging due to the effect of UV and IR radiation

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1 850 RSD Tax excluded

  • 473 ml
  • 3 780 ml

Silk Shine Dressing is a new product with a NEW CAR scent, specifically designed to treat surfaces of tires and vinyl, rubber and plastic parts of your car in both interior and exterior. It does not contain any solvents or VOCs. It creates non-greasy, dry, dark satin surface because it does not contain any silicons or fats. It slows down colour fading and restores original colours of plastics. When regularly used it prevents the surface from premature aging, cracking and getting dirty and it contains barriers which perfectly protect the surface againts UV and IR radiation. The product easily keeps materials in their original condition and maintains ideally smooth surface for a long time. It repels dust and small particles. Next treatment of surfaces previously treated by this product takes less time. It is suitable for all types of rubber and plastic surfaces. In your car interior it can be used on dashboards, consols, door paddings, moldings and seals. It is ideal for treatment of outdoor plastics, for protection of bumpers, rear-view mirrors, tires and window and vinyl roofs seals. This „intelligent bandage“ works as a protection and its application is very easy.


APPLICATION: Spray small amount of the product evenly directly onto treated surface or wipe it on with Microfiber towel or application pad UFO and wipe it dry with MF Fluffer, El Gordo or Monster Microfiber towel. You can control the level of shine by lowering intensity of wiping the surface down after the application. Highly polluted parts need to be perfectly cleaned prior to Silk Shine Sprayable Dressing application, using CG – All Purpose Cleaner or CG - Nonsense. The product delivers natural dark satin shine. The treated surfaces literally shine and are as new. The easy application can be done in both high and low temperatures, even in direct sunlight. If needed repeat the process for bigger shine and protection. It is recommended that you use the CONTOUR EZ - FORM APPLICATOR ACC_2001 for application on tires. This product makes your work much easier and more effective.


  • it restores original colours and condition of plastics, rubber and vinyls
  • it prevents the surfaces from premature aging due to the effect of UV and IR radiation
  • an easy application and polishing
  • it delivers dark satin shine and treated surfaces are as new
  • it is antistatic and repels dust and dirt
  • it can be applied in both high and low temperatures, even in direct sunlight
  • the application does not change colours of surfaces and leaves no stains or smudges.

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