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Elektrostatična četka za odklanjanje kose, dlaka vašeg ljubimca, krzna i slično. Elastična je i dugotrajna.

Chemical Guys


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1 950 RSD Bez PDV-a

Electrostatic Pet Hair brush - Hair, Pet Hair, Fur, Fuzz Cleaner & Remover Brush - for all types of Pet Hair.
Remove pet hair instantly from seats, carpet and your pet!
The first ever 100% sustainable Pet hair removal brush. Reusable forever and 100% recyclable.

The custom designed flexible bristles of this brush create an electrostatic charge that attracts and holds pet hair like a magnet. The unique design of the brush combined with the superior electrostatic rubber composite makes the brush 100% scratch free for all surfaces. Use it to remove hair from clothing, seats, upholstery, sofas, leather seats home and car carpet and virtually all furniture.

This molded rubber brush uses static electricity to attract hair, lint & fuzz, cleaning easily and effortlessly while saving you money.

The Chemical guys Electrostatic pet hair removal brush is designed with 144 rubber bristles to lift and hold pet hair.

Chemical Guys

How does this magical brush work?

Friction against the right surfaces will generate a magnetic charge that attracts everything to the brush. As you brush over carpet and upholstery the 144 bristles work simultaneously gaining a magnetic charge that draws pet to the brush where it can be easily removed from the surface.

Chemical Guys

8”inch long head
Safe for all surfaces including leather. Will not starch of scuff
Ideal for removing hair, lint and dust from pets, clothing, upholstery, carpets, and rugs
100% natural rubber is durable
Greater electrostatic capabilities-attract hair and fur like a magnet
Able to be used wet or dry
Built in squeegee-wipes glass and counter-tops
Washable - Will not wear, tear or loose its shape
Will not scuff or scratch surface

2 sides are better than 1:

The opposing side of the bristles is a squeegee great for sweeping hair into the bristles on smooth surfaces.

Use it on your Pet:

The Chemical Guys Electrostatic Pet hair Brush are great for the dual purpose of cleaning and grooming. Short strokes lift hair from any surface. One Hundred and Forty Four rubber bristles generate an electrostatic charge that attracts the pet hair like a magnet away from your pet. The soft rubber bristles gently remove hair while massaging your pet.

Chemical Guys


The Electrostatic Pet Hair Brush measure 10” x 1 ¼ “ wide. The Sturdy designed 144 bristles are 1” inch long making this brush easy to carry in your car, purse or even back pocket (even though that’s a little strange) .


The brush is easily cleaner and washed using a little soap like Citrus Wash & Gloss dried and reused.

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