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Pete's 53' Black Pearl Signature Paste Wax

WAC 300


Tečni kristalni polimer Bela Karnauba - jedinstvena mešavina ulja, tečnih kristalnih polimera i belog Brazilskog karnauba voska. Vosak je specijalno dizajniran za dugotrajnu impregnaciju i savršeno štiti metalik i tamne farbe od UV i IR zračenja, vodenih mrlja i prašine. Daje dubok efekat mokrog sjaja.


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5 950 RSD Tax excluded

The product is designed for car buffs who like working with hand-made natural waxes and demand maximum wet shine finish. The product is made of the best ingredients, such as emulsified almond, coconut, banana and propolis oils, combined with 53 % of white Brazilian carnauba wax. Natural materials create soft and warm shine and perfectly enhance any colour shade of your paint to a brilliant shine.  This unique blend of oils and liquid crystalline polymers is specially developed to enhance shine of dark and metallic paints. Created hydrophobic coat works as a shield which perfectly protects your paint from water stains, UV and IR radiation, road dirt and other contamination that could damage your paint.


  • the wax is specially developed for dark and metallic paints
  • an easy and quick application
  • it enhances shine of your paint and makes colours brighter, fuller and more radiant.
  • it repels water and dirt and is highly resistant to UV light. - there is no product residue on rubber and plastic parts of your car after the application.
  • It makes car maintenance much easier.

Chemical Guys


Formulation of this special blend enables you to do the final polishing off immediately, without having to wait after the application as with regular products.  Rub this timeless wax gently into a foam applicator and apply a thin coat to your paint. Polish it off immediately to a brilliant shine.  High content of Brazilian carnauba wax (53 %) perfectly reflects UV rays and protects your paint from fading and getting grey. The special formula is a Chemical Guys' speciality and is handed down from generation to generation.

Chemical Guys


  • apply a thin coat of the product on perfectly clean and optimally decontaminated surface of your paint, using a foam applicator or Microfiber towel made of quality cotton/Microfiber 
  • we recommend that you use CG applicators.
    - on horizontal surfaces (bonnet, roof and boot lid) apply the product with a backward-and-forward motion. On vertical surfaces apply the product with a side-to-side motion.
  • apply the product softly and do not push.
  • apply the product separately on each part of the bodywork. 
  • apply the product one part at a time.                                                                        
  • polish  the surface of an individual part off perfectly using a Microfiber towel immediately after you finish application of the product on each part
  • after the application wash your car with a Chemical guys car shampoo which does not wash off waxes.

Chemical Guys

Chemical Guys


  • Visoki sjaj ****
  • Duboki efekat **
  • Efekat ogledala ****
  • Mokri efekat ***
  • Pearl highlight *
  • Metallic highlight ***
  • Mat efekat

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