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Klizavi Clay & CLAY BLOCK lubricant & Detailer - lubrikant dizajniran za dekontaminaciju farbe vašeg automobila i drugih površina koristeći odličan materijal za dekontaminaciju - Glinu.


1 650 RSD Bez PDV-a

  • 473 ml

Super Luber is a cleaner and lubricant containing wax and lube designed to quickly clean your paint and easily provide your paint with high shine. Always apply the product after you wash your car.  This cleaner, based on lube polymers (especially designed to enhance sliding and reduce friction), is great for application and right function of decontamination matter, such as Clay Grey Bar, Clay Blue Bar or Smart Clay Block. Or other available decontamination matters.



Chemical Guys



  • it minimizes risk of scratching your paint during decontamination, it is easy to spread and polish off.
  • it carefully cleans contaminated and matte surface of your paint from road dirt, brake pads dust, industrial fallout, water stains, tar and other contaminations.
  • easy application by spraying onto the bodywork and quick polishing off with a special Microfiber towel after the cleaning procedure (decontamination).
  • it creates deep wet shine finish in a few seconds. All without strain or excessive pressure.
  • it does not discolour and does not leave stains or smudges. It provides long-term impregnation of your paint and fresh "Bubble gum" scent. It impregnates all parts of the bodywork, plastics, rubber sealings, window sealants, tyres and windows.
  • in combination with Clay Gray Bar or Clay Blue Bar clay bars, or even with Smart Clay Block sponge, it manages to restore the original colour and shine of your faded and matte paint. And with well-preserved paints you can reach perfectly clean Top Glanz which makes your paint look like new.
  • it can be used even in direct sunlight without leaving stains or smudges.
  • in contrast to rival products that are based on detergents it does not decompose decontamination bar and does not reduce its durability.



Chemical Guys



  • the product is extremely lubricative when not diluted. Even when diluted by distilled water in a ratio of 1:1 (recommended for experienced users) the product's abilities exceed all competition.
  • concentrated product can be applied on wet surface of your car which causes natural dilution of the product.
  • shake the product thoroughly before use Sedimentation of the product during its storing does no harm.

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