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Hybrid V7 Optical Select

Sprej za visoki sjaj i zaptivač - specijalan sprej vosak-zaptivač nove generacije koji odmah daje visoki sjaj i daje dugotrajnu zaštitu protiv UV zračenja, dizajniran da odkloni tragove prstiju, vodene fleke i prljavštinu sa puta. Formulisan je sa specijalnom nano tehnologijom koja se odmah vezuje za površinu. Specijalizovan je za maksimalan sjaj i dugotrajnu zaštitu.


2 750 RSD Tax excluded

  • 473 ml
  • 118 ml
  • 3 780 ml

HybridV7 is a lube that contains transparent synthetic advanced polymers which immediately deliver  high shine with long-lasting protection against UV light, designed to remove fingerprints, dust, dirt, road contamination and water stains within seconds. Hybrid V7 is a product of a new generation, the world's first hybrid nano-polish on the basis of a sealant, formulated with nano-technology which immediately bonds to any surface - paint, glass, plastics, rubber, rims, exhaust pipes and headlights.It perfectly cleans your paint (or other treated surface) and quickly creates highly transparent, deep shine finish with maximum protection on every treated surface. It works as a combination of a detailing spray and a sealant, in one.


Chemical Guys


The product is as easy to apply as a detailing spray - instead of regular procedure (applying, allowing the product to work and polishing off) just spray Hybrid V7 onto your paint and wipe it off till dry. The product immediately delivers maximum shine to any surface! This easy application provides your car with first-class shine, perfect drainage of water from its surface and perfect protection in few minutes. In contrast to universal detailing sprays the product loses its ability to clean and lubricate, for the purpose of achieving maximum shine and protection durability. That's why the product is very suitable as finishing product designed to maximize shine, as well as to maintain and refresh existing protective coat of any wax, taking its look to a higher level. There is no product residue on rubber and plastic parts of your car after the application.


Chemical Guys


Chemical Guys

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