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Extremno jak šampon i skidač prljavštine i fleka, kao i skidač insekata sa farbe vašeg vozila. Proizvod je prikladan svakodnevnm ručnom pranju kao i mašinskom pranju pod pritiskom.


1 500 RSD Tax excluded

  • 473 ml
  • 3 780 ml




This universal, extremely strong shampoo and degreaser in one quickly, perfectly and without strain removes dried and squashed insect, asphalt, tar, grease and other grime from paint surface, windscreens, bonnets, coolers, bumpers and headlights.  Bug Bugger is manufactured using a special technology to loosen dried and ingrained dirt from the surface without laborious rubbing and scrubbing, typical for ordinary car shampoos. The product can also be easily used (undiluted) on carpets and fabric floors.

APPLICATION: The application is very easy, just spray the solution onto a dirty surface, wait 2-3 minutes and wipe it off in a recommended way with a Microfiber towel or use water rinse for firm surfaces.

DILUTION: When used on body and firm surfaces dilute the product according to desired needs and degree of soiling in a ratio of 1:3 or 1:6 (to 1 part product add water in a given ratio). It leaves fresh neutral scent.

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