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Adhesive Remover

Odstranjivač - dizajniran za skidanje asfalta, adhezivnih materijala, katrana sa farbe vašeg automobila i drugih delova karoserije. Prljavštinu otklanja brzo, pažljivo i bez tragova. Proizvod se smatra jednim od naj efektivnijih skidača asfalta na svetu.


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2 850 RSD Tax excluded

  • 500 ml
  • 3 000 ml

This multifunctional, highly effective cleaner and adhesives, asphalt and tar remover can clean local and large-area adhesive, asphalt and tar contaminations and other ingrained road dirt in a short time. It perfectly removes asphalt and tar dirt of any extent and size. It removes glue residue from stickers and toll stickers. It fully removes reversible plastic adhesives that stay on after removal of self-adhesive weights from wheels. This asphalt remover easily manages to clean dirty side area of a car that went through soft asphalt or freshly applied road penetration. Above all, the product manages to remove large-area adhesives from the bodywork after your car wrap is taken off, as well as adhesives from other advertising surfaces.


  • the product dissolves asphalt, tar, adhesives and other road contaminations immediately after it is sprayed onto the surface
  • due to immediate decomposition of the contamination there is no paint damage caused by excessive rubbing
  • there are no stains or smudges left on your paint after the cleaning
  • the product quickly and perfectly cleans even big contaminated areas


Just spray the product on contaminated surface or adhesive residue and allow it to work for 3 - 5 minutes. Then wipe the dirt away with a Microfiber towel or soft paper towels.


When cleaning large-area asphalt or tar contaminations it is necessary to cover the garage floor because the dissolved dirt flows down and drips on the floor of your garage or workshop!!

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