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V.R.P. Super Shine Dressing

a universal product with cream consistense for rejuvenation and impregnation of plastics, vinyls, tires, rubber carpets, plastic bumpers, grilles and moldings in both interior and exterior. It creates dry, non-greasy, dark satin surface with long-lasting durability and pleasant and unobtrusive coconut scent.


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1 800 RSD Bez PDV-a

  • 473 ml

This creamy dressing for rejuvenation of plastics in both interior and exterior provides their in-depth nourishment and protects them from aging, cracking, getting matte or brittle and from pigment loss. It enhances richness of colours and provides natural dark satin shine to treated surfaces. It does not leave an oily film, leaves the surface dry to touch and protects it from dirt. It contains special polymers which perfectly bind to the surface and repel dirt, as well as patented technology of UV light absorbers. These particles break deeply into the surface, close pores and act as a protective barrier against harmful UV light which causes premature aging, cracking, fading, getting matte or peeling. They prevent road dirt from getting ingrained and perfectly repel dirt and water. Treated surfaces are very resistant and easy to clean and wash with car shampoos. Extreme V.R.T. Dressing is suitable for impregnation of plastics and hoses in engine compartments, bottom plastic moldings and diffusers, plastic mask grilles, bumper grilles, grilles around fog lights, bumpers and mud flaps. In interiors it is great for dashboards and panels, door panels, artificial leather seat covers, window rubbers and door seals. It prevents rubber seals from creaking and getting frozen to doors. It is recommended that you use the CONTOUR  EZ - FORM  APPLICATOR ACC_2001 for application on tires. This product makes your work much easier and more effective.


  • regularly treated parts look better than new ones and never age!
  • thick creamy consistence guarantees a clean, easy and economical application
  • the consumption of this gel is one-quarter in comparison to liquid products in sprays.
  • the product is highly viscous, contains silicons and provides natural and lasting shine to  rubber, plastics and vinyls
  • it is quick to apply, easy to spread and rejuvenates and restores all black plastic surfaces
  • it provides long-lasting protection against harmful UV + IR radiation and repels water
  • it has dry effect – the treated surface is not oily and sticky. It does not attract dust or dirt.
  • further treatment of already treated surfaces is very easy – just wipe them with a Microfiber towel
  • the product can be applied in both high and low temperatures, even in direct sunlight
  • it unites colours of treated surfaces which are left without stains or smudges


 Chemical Guys



  • clean the surface with the NONSENSE or GREENCLEAN product first
  • apply this creamy product with Microfiber towel or applicator and wipe it on the surface
  • allow the applied product to soak for about 3-5 minutes, then wipe the surface with dry Microfiber towel, MF Fluffer, El Gordo or Monster Microbiber towel.


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