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Jedinstveni Nano detailing šampon sa aktivnim polimerima koji omogućuju maksimalno čišćenje svih prljavština sa puta i drugih zagađivača. Sadrži sintetički vosak. Prilagođen za svakodnevno ručno pranje kao i mašinsko pranje pod pritiskom. pH neutralan je.


1 350 RSD Bez PDV-a

  • 473 ml
  • 3 780 ml

Mr.Pink is a universal unique detailing shampoo designed for in-depth cleaning of road dirt, smear and contaminations from your car paint. The product not only washes, but also polishes treated surface (by adding missing wax) and impregnates the paint till next washing.                                                                                                                   


Chemical Guys

APPLICATION: add 2 caps (or 2 tablespoons) of Mr. Pink shampoo into 20L of water. This solution with high and very slippery foam perfectly washes the body surface. This new (High - Tech) nano technology contains super active polymers which surround dust and dirt particles and other contamination and pull them out of the surface so they can be easily and safely removed by washing them away with water. The product does not form holograms or scratches on your paint during the washing. This new universal cleaner je pH neutral and can be used on any surface and paint shade. The product is also suitable for plastic and vinyl materials, as well as wheels and tyres.

Maintaining and impregnating of your car paint with protective waxes or impregnation pastes to protect your paint from ultraviolet light, water stains and dirt is very important. Mr. Pink Super is a perfect product for these purposes


Chemical Guys



  • it perfectly washes and cleanes car body and other surfaces of all kinds of materials
  • high-tech technology with rich foam and highly active polymers
  • an easy working procedure suitable for very frequent and quick washing
  • it does not wash away previously applied waxes, polishing pastes and polishes.
  • ideal for hand wash using a sponge, as well as professional pressure wash using a foam cannon or a pistol with a nozzle.
  • it does not leave any dirt remains or smudges on the paint after being washed away with water
  • the product enables cleaning of cars or trucks in direct sunlight and it perfectly removes all the dirt just by washing off.
  • very good acquisition price


Chemical Guys


  • wash the car with a stream of water first to remove rough dirt 
  • mix 0,030 L of the product with 20L of clear water in a wash bucket.
  • always wash tyres and wheels with a sponge and shampoo first
  • do not use the same sponge and cleaning solution on all parts of your car. Tyres and wheels should be washed separately.
  • the body should be washed from the top downwards and if you wash your car in a direct sunlight rinse the body few times with clean water. Do not let the foam and water dry on the body paint.
  • after the cleaning rinse the car with free-flowing water

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