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EcoSmart Waterlees Detailing System

100% HYPER KONCENTROVANO - jedinstveni proizvod dizajniran za pranje automobila, motocikla, i drugih površina bez vode. Odličan za čišćenje bez imalo vode u situacijama gde nije moguće vodeno pranje.


2 950 RSD Tax excluded

  • 473 ml
  • 3 780 ml


ECOSMART is the world's first detailing product of its kind that enables to wash your car, motorcycle and other surfaces without water.  The product is developed to safely remove dirt and contaminations away from the surface without damaging or scratching the painted surface (dry washing). This Smart Chemistry uses a method of spraying and wiping off on any surface - parts of a car, including glass, wheels, plastics, engine compartments, undercarriages and metal surfaces. It is a unique blend of hyper-surfactants, Brazilian carnauba wax and gentle lubricating agents. Once sprayed onto the surface it lifts and emulsifies dirt away from the surface and wrap it with lubricants and additives which prevents the surface from being scratched. Afterwards you can remove the dirt easily using a special Microfiber towel and given technology of wiping off. Lubricating agents enable the towel to lightly slide over and decontaminate the surface at the same time, giving your paintwork a perfect look and brilliant shine, as well as long-lasting impregnation. ECOSMART safely removes dust and light contamination, as well as mud and ingrained dirt. ECOSMART is 100 % concentrate - the minimum dilution ratio is 1:8 (1 part product and 8 parts water). You can dilute the product more as needed. We recommend that you use drinking water from water tap. The product is biodegradable and pH neutral.

The product ranks among the world's best products of its kind in given category. This product for waterless washing is the whole detailing system which washes, decontaminates, waxes and polishes through wiping.  

Chemical Guys


  • it is a cleaning (washing) and a polishing (wax + sealant) product in one
  • it dissolves and emulsifies (wraps) contamination, lubricates the surface and ensures safe application and great results without damaging your paint
  • kaolin suspension which is contained in the product removes calcium deposit marks and other contaminations.
  • it leaves a protective coat of synthetic and carnauba wax blendand provides effective protection against UV light.
  • it leaves a perfect shine comparable to the best waxes.
  • treated surface has very good hydrofobic qualities (water drainage).
  • it contains strong antistatic components that reduce settling of dust on the surface of your bodywork.
  • non-toxic, biodegradable, with a pleasant scent.
  • applicable to any non-absorbent material - paint, glass, chromium, wheels, plastics and rubber. All these surfaces are cleaned and impregnated with long-lasting protection.
  • there is no product residue on rubber and plastic parts of your car after the application.

Chemical Guys






  • its primary advantage - the product can be used "anywhere and anytime".
  • the perfect technology for quick "washing" of a car with light contamination (once a week) in a garage or in a parking lot
  • the product can be part of your compulsory equipment, so you can use it together with a quality Microfiber towel on every journey, anywhere and anytime.

Chemical Guys

  • -an ideal product for acute removal of insects from otherwise clean car immediately after your journey. The product is extremely effective for this use. It is also ideal for cleaning dried and resilient insects residue after regular washing of your car. In contrast to special insect removers the product does not need to be washed off, isn't aggressive and does not wash off protective wax coat!
  • also ideal for cleaning of door jambs after regular washing of your car and all surfaces in engine compartment. Even these surfaces gain perfect shine and protection.                                               




 It is the number one product for motorcyclists and their jewels!

Chemical Guys


  • dilute ECOSMART Concentrate before use with distilled water in a ration of 1:7 and shake it thoroughly!!
  • you get 30,4 l of ready-to-use product  out of one package (1 Galon).
  • it is not recommended to dilute at once more product than you currently need.
  • spray the product directly onto contaminated surface from the top downwards and allow it to work and penetrate layers of contamination. Then wipe the dirt away using a Microfiber towel. After wiping away the rough dirt with a Microfiber towel, turn the towel to its clean parts and repeat the process depending on the degree of contamination.  Start the wiping away from roof and continue downwards, one part of the bodywork at a time. Leave front bumper, rear bumper, wheel wells and doorsills until last.
  • we recommend that you use a Microfiber towel of high quality, optimally one with long strand. It is ideal to use a Chemical Guys product. Always fold a Microfiber towel in fourths. This way you get eight clean work surfaces out of one towel
  • when cleaning small areas (door jambs and engine compartments) the product can be applied directly onto a towel.
  • finally wipe the surface till dry and polish it off with a clean Microfiber towel. Don't let the product dry.


Chemical Guys



  • it the surface is heavily contaminated, allow the product to work for a while and repeat the spraying once more.
  • - remember to check contamination of your towel during the wiping and turn it around in time
  • always follow the given procedure of wiping the product off, otherwise your paint could get damaged!!!




Chemical Guys


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