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Naj snažniji odmašćivač od Chamical Guys-a, pogodan za sve površine sem kožnih enterijera. Savršeno čisti točkove, motorni prostor, auspuhe, tkaninu, plastiku koje je ekstremno zaprljana. Uvek isprati površinu nakon Grime Reapera.

Proizvod može da se razblaži do max1:20 sa destilovanom vodom.


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1 600 RSD Tax excluded

  • 473 ml
  • 3 780 ml


is the latest and strongest cleaner and degreaser from the CG series applicable to all kinds of surfaces.


– it can’t be used for leather interiors and natural leather.This product quickly and reliably removes aged grime, grease, asphalt, tar, oxidation on the surface of exhaust pipes and wheels, and heavily ingrained brake pad contamination. The product can be used for cleaning of engines, engine compartments, as well as ingrained dirt on carpets and fabric surfaces (carpets + seat covers, fabric upholstery in doors and luggage compartments). This professional product even fully removes extreme industrial and road contamination and dirt.

Product advantages:

- very quickly and perfectly removes even the toughest grease and grime
- is applicable to any contaminated surface of industrial equipment, cars, motorbikes, ships and boats and machines
-quickly removes brake dust and any kind of oxidation from wheels and exhaust pipes end-pieces,
- easily and with maximum speed dissolves oil, grease and ingrained natural fat
- after cleaning the surface is perfectly clean and dry and usable in a short while.
- the product is 100% concentrate which can be diluted according to desired needs up to a ratio of 1 : 10, depending on an intensity and type of dirt.
Grime Reaper also removes dirt from undercarriages. For a long term impregnation and perfect protection of undercarriages the use of Bare BonesUndercarriage product is recommended.


When cleaning fabric seat covers and upholstery prior test on the rear bottom part of the seat is recommended!!

Chemical Guys


Chemical Guys

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